Wednesday, 25 July 2018

FAQ about Solr AEM Integrations

What are all the difference between Solr usage embedded & remote in AEM?
  • Embedded Solr is recommended only for development purpose. Production search can be implemented using remote/ external Solr. This way it makes the solution more scalable.
  • If the site has smaller content, embedded could be used. but for larger content, external Solr is recommended. 
  • When we work with external Solr, we have more control over schema, index options, boosting fields, more direct configurations etc.
  • External Solr is recommended when data/ content from third party applications needs to be indexed than from AEM.

Difference between Solr & Lucene
  • Lucene is the core search engine and Solr is a wrapper on Lucene. To read data from Lucene we need programs. But Solr provides a UI thus making easier to read indexed data.

Advantages of using Solr search

Below given major advantages of using Solr as indexing/ search engine with AEM.
  • Quick learning curve.
  • Horizontal & vertical scaling through Solr Cloud
  • Clustering through Apache Zookeeper
  • Rich full text query syntax
  • Highly configurable relevance and indexing
  • Plugin architecture for query parsing, searching & ranking, indexing